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Lettering Murals:

Sign_Logo - We Talk Chalk Signage
Sign_Logo - City of Azusa
Sign_Logo - Alternative Hoses (logo)
Fitness Quest 10

Medium: Acrylic Dimension: 10' x 28' Location: Fitness Quest 10, Scripps Ranch (San Diego), Ca. Date: Dec. 2008

Sign_Logo - Custom World Auto Body Shop.
Mural - Bizhaus #2
Mural - Jr. Drew League (2015) #1
Mural - Jr. Drew League (2017)
Mural - BYC (Costa Mesa)
Mural - Drew League_Nike 2018
Mural - Hughes Middle School #1
Mural - Kelso Elementary School (Inglewo
Madison Middle School Mural

Medium: Acrylic Dimension: 10' x 40' Location: Madison Middle School, Oceanside, Ca. Date: June 2013

Monrovia High School Logo

Medium: Acrylic Dimension: 11' x 65' Location: Monrovia H.S. (pool area), Monrovia, Ca. Date: July 2012

Pantofola d' Oro  Roof Mural

Medium: Acrylic (both laytexs & Nova Colors) Dimension: 60' x 118' (approx.) Locations: Pantofola d' Oro (rooftop), Carlsbad, Ca. Date: Oct. 2011

Pride of Oceanside

Medium: Acrylic Dimension: 9' x37' Location: Earthgrown Market, Oceanside, Ca. Date: March 2012

Tacone Wraps Lettering Logo

Medium: Acrylic Dimension: 4' diameter (top), 6' diameter (bottom) Location: Tacone Wraps, Sherman Oaks, Ca. Date: May 1999

South High School Rebels

Medium: Acrylic (laytexs) Dimension: 4.5' x 10.5' Location: South H.S. (gymnasium lobby), Bakersfield, Ca. Date: Aug. 2012

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