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About the Artist
David Mitchell Lee was born (1965) in Jacksonville, N. C.
(Camp Lejeune, USMC). When he was still confined to his baby crib and when his mother couldn't stop him from crying, she would
place a newspaper within the crib. Immediately, David would
'creatively and single mindedly' tear the paper into pieces which would cause the crying to cease, supposedly, it worked all the time!
Forty plus years later, David has remained creative and focused
but instead of tearing things up, he has transferred that energy into
painting directly onto walls (the bigger the better!).
David received his BFA in Illustration at California State University, Long Beach. The former Head of the Illustration Department, the late Dick Oden,
would say, "If you can get excited about the project (or assignment) at hand, you'll always find yourself with work". 
To date, David has conceived, layout designed and painted over 200 mural and enlarged graphic projects (since 1993) and he strives to respond
to Mr. Oden's motto by treating each project as if it was his last, carpe diem!
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